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Journal of Cell and Molecular Research    

Prof. Mortaza Behnam Rassouli
Prof. Ahmad Reza Bahrami
+98-513-8804063, 09153358942   +98-513-8795162
JCMR Office, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran

“Journal of Cell and Molecular Research” is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles of significance in all areas of cell and molecular biology. High-quality papers and short communications are now invited for submission. Acceptance of manuscripts depends on their quality, originality and relevance to the Journal’s scope. Interested authors are advised to read the “Instructions to Authors” for all details of requirements, procedures, referencing style and the technical review process for submitted papers at the web site of the journal. We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.

Vol. 9, No. 2,(2017)

Table of Contents

  • Research Articles

  • Karyosystematics of an Endemic tooth-carp, Aphanius shirini (Teleostei: cyprinodontidae) from Iran 
    Mansoori, Azam ; Ebrahimi, Mehregan ; Gholamhosseini, Ali ; Esmaeili, Hamid Reza 54-58
    Views: 98
    Karyological Data of Tanacetum polycephalum Schultz-bip. and T. parthenium Schultz-bip. (Asteraceae) Populations 
    Javadi, Hamideh 59-66
    Views: 73
    The Effects of Silveroxide on mRNA Level of Key Genes Involved In the Biosynthesis of Rebaudioside-A in Stevia Rebaudiana 
    Mirzaei, Alireza ; Dezhsetan, Sara ; Kavoosi, Gholamreza ; Behnamian, Mahdi 67-72
    Views: 98
    MicroRNA Binding Site Polymorphisms are Associated with the Development of Gastric Cancer 
    Asgarpour, Jamal ; Mehrzad, Jamshid ; Tabatabaei Yazdi, Seyyed Abbas 73-77
    Views: 92
    Identification of Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase Modifications Involved in Surfactin Production and Quorum-sensing Operon of Bacillus subtilis MJ01 Isolated from Oil-Contaminated Soil 
    Rahimi, Touraj ; Niazi, Ali ; Taghavi, Seyed Mohsen ; Ebrahimie, Esmaeil ; Ayatollahi, Shahab ; Deihimi, Tahereh 78-83
    Views: 100
    Systems Biology Analysis of the Key Genes of Surfactin Production in Bacillus subtilis MJ01 (Isolated from Soil Contaminated Oil in South of Iran), Spizizenii, and 168 Isolates 
    Deihimi, Tahereh ; Ebrahimie, Esmaeil ; Niazi, Ali ; Ebrahimi, Mansour ; Ayatollahi, Shahab ; Tahmasebi, Ahmad ; Rahimi, Touraj ; Jahanbani Veshareh, Moein 84-97
    Views: 91