About JCMR

The Journal of Cell and Molecular Research (JCMR) was established in 2008 and published its first volume and issue at the beginning of 2009. The aim of this journal is to fulfill the need for a comprehensive journal covering almost all fields of cellular and molecular research in Iran. The published articles since then have covered many areas of cell and molecular research including Genetics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology. JCMR published research articles only, till 2013. After this, the editorial, commentaries, letters, and reviews were also included in its categories of articles to highlight critical issues in cell and molecular research.

Focus and Scope

Journal of cell and molecular research is focused on almost all fields of cell and molecular research categorized as Genetics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology. JCMR selects, reviews and publishes articles regarding selected fields of cell and molecular research i.e. Genetics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology. Sub-disciplines surrounding its scope have been categories as gene expression and marking, molecular pathology, molecular informatics, molecular interactions of protein and nucleic acid, recombinant DNA technology, production of transgenic plants and animals, stem cell research and its clinical potential, cytological studies, disease and metabolic studies and molecular mechanics of different small molecules and growth factors.

Peer Review Process

All submitted manuscripts will be evaluated and reviewed according to the following evaluation schedule.
Pre-Editorial Evaluation: All submitted manuscripts, right after their submission to JCMR will be an evaluation by Editors for being according to the journal scope and format. This evaluation can take 20 days of submission.
Reviewer's Evaluation: Selected manuscripts after pre-editorial evaluation, will be sent to a minimum of two blind reviewers assigned by Editor-in-Chief. This process may take a minimum of 27 days.
Post Editorial Evaluation: After receiving the reviewer's comments, editors evaluate the manuscripts considering the comments and decide their first decision. This process takes 3-5 days and then authors are informed regarding the editorial decision.

Open Access Policy

Journal of Cell and Molecular Research (JCMR) is aimed to publish peer-reviewed edited scientific papers and to spread the knowledge freely as much as it is possible for its readers and authors, globally. JCMR is a fully Open Access journal in which all the articles are freely accessed under CC licensing

Sponsor and Sources of Support 

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Charge of Submission and Publication

There are no submission charges or publication fees. 

Journal History and Reviewers' Lists

JCMR Volume 1 (issue 1 & 2)- 2009/ (Reviewers' list: V 1- NO 1, V 1- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 2 (issue 1 & 2)- 2010/ (Reviewers' list: V 2- NO 1, V 2- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 3 (issue 1 & 2)- 2011/ (Reviewers' list: V 3- NO 1, V 3- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 4 (issue 1 & 2)- 2012/ (Reviewers' list: V 4- NO 1, V 4- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 5 (issue 1 & 2)- 2013/ (Reviewers' list: V 5- NO 1, V 5- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 6 (issue 1 & 2)- 2014/ (Reviewers' list: V 6- NO 1, V 6- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 7 (issue 1 & 2)- 2015/ (Reviewers' list: V 7- NO 1, V 7- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 8 (issue 1 & 2)- 2016/ (Reviewers' list: V 8- NO 1, V 8- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 9 (issue 1 & 2)- 2017/ (Reviewers' list: V 9- NO 1, V 9- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 10 (issue 1 & 2)- 2018, 2019/ (Reviewers' list: V 10- NO 1, V 10- NO 2)

JCMR Volume 11 (issue 1 & 2)- 2019, 2020/ (Reviewers' list: V 11- NO 1, V 11- NO 2)