Open Journals System
Issue Information: Vol. 6, No. 2,(2014)

Article Title: Neuronal differentiation of mouse amnion membrane derived stem cells in response to neonatal brain conditioned medium.

pages: 76-82

DOI: 10.22067/jcmr.v6i2.37591

Background: Amniotic membrane derived stem cells (AMSCs) have considerable advantages to use in regenerative medicine and their anti- inflammatory effects, growth factor secretion and differentiation potential make them suitable candidates for stem cell therapy of nervous system. The developing and neonatal brain contains a spectrum of growth factors to direct development of endogenous and donor cells. Using an in vitro model system, we investigated the plasticity and potential of mouse AMSCs to differentiate into neural cells in response to neonatal mice brain extracted medium.
Methods: Mouse amniotic membrane stem cells were isolated from embryos, cultured in presence of medium derived from neonatal mouse brain medium and immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry analyses were used to explore the neural differentiation of them.
Results: Isolated amnion membrane stem cells showed high rate of viability and proliferation and presented neural characters in the presence of neonatal brain extracted medium such morphological changes and Nestin and Map-2 expression.
Conclusion: In conclusion, results from this study showed that amnion membrane derives stem cells are potent stem cells to respond to environmental signals promoting them to neural fate.

key words:   Brain Extract; Amniotic Membrane Derived Stem Cells; Neural Differentiation; Amnion Membrane; In Vitro Model System

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